Does Rescue Remedy Really Work? – Bach Rescue Remedy Review

Does Rescue Remedy Really Work? – Bach Rescue Remedy Review

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Different Types of Rescue Remedy: 5 (Dropper, Spray, Pastilles, Pearls or Chewing Gum)

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Rescue Remedy by Nelson Bach offers a wide range of products to help you relax, stay calm and focused. I will be reviewing some of their products in this post, including: Rescue Remedy Dropper, Rescue Remedy Spray, Rescue Remedy Pearls, Rescue Pastilles and Rescue Gum.

In this review, I will look at whether Rescue Remedy actually works, and the pros and cons of each product.


So Firstly – Does Rescue Remedy Actually Work?


 Rescue Remedy is a natural and herbal remedy – which usually makes many people – including me, skeptical of the success of the product compared to using traditional prescription medication – which is thoroughly tested and proven to work. 

My verdict? – yes, I believe it does work. 

I have personally used Rescue Remedy and in my opinion it is a great product, which is very effective at reducing feelings of anxiousness and panic, by helping you to relax, stay calm and focused. 

I used both the Rescue Remedy Dropper and Spray throughout my school life – I always had a lot of anxiety when I had to take exams in school and would get so anxious and panicked, that I would struggle to remember all the information I had learnt and revised.

This was a huge problem for me, but when I discovered Rescue Remedy – I was able to use the Dropper/Spray before the exam and I remember feeling a lot calmer after taking it, and I felt much more able to complete the exam. 



How Rescue Remedy Works and What it Contains


Rescue Remedy contains a blend of 5 different Bach Flower Remedies: Rescue Remedy Ingredients


  1. Impatiens – is for impatience and tolerance
  2. Rock Rose – is for confidence and composure
  3. Clematis – is for focus and motivation
  4. Star of Bethlehem – is for comfort and reassurance
  5. Cherry Plum – is for self-control and stability


These 5 flower remedies are blended together to create a completely herbal and natural product – this means that Rescue Remedy has no side effects, which is a brilliant alternative to traditional prescription medication. 


Different Types of Rescue Remedy


I’m going to go over the 5 of the different types of Rescue Remedy products available below:


1.Rescue Remedy Dropper


  • My Rating: 8/10 Rescue Remedy Dropper


  • Pros: This contains the 5 Bach original flower remedies explained above which create an all natural and herbal blend. The dropper version of the product, is a good size – the bottle is 20ml, which is very easy to carry around with you and it is also very easy to use – four drops on or under your tongue is all you need.


  • Cons: The only disadvantage to this version of the product is that 27% of natural grape alcohol is blended with the 5 flower remedies, in order to preserve the product. This means that it does taste of alcohol – however, alcohol free versions are also available


2. Rescue Remedy Spray


  • My Rating: 8/10 Rescue Remedy Spray


  • Pros: I generally prefer the Spray to the Dropper, just because it’s a lot easier to just spray the Rescue Remedy on your tongue instead of using the Dropper – especially when you are out and about. This product contains the same natural, herbal flower remedies as the Rescue Remedy Dropper above. The size of the Spray is great as it is also 20ml – very easy to carry around with you and use – two sprays on your tongue is all you need for this type of Rescue Remedy. 


  • Cons: As with the Dropper above, the Spray also contains 27% of natural grape alcohol for preservation – so, it does taste of alcohol. 



3. Rescue Pastilles


  • My Rating: 9/10 Rescue Pastilles


  • Pros: The Rescue Pastilles are alcohol free and contain the same blend of the 5 natural, herbal flower remedies as the Dropper and Spray. They also contain natural flavour, colour and are sugar free. These also come in 4 different flavours to suit your tastes: Original, Lemon, Cranberry or Blackcurrant. The Pastilles are a great option, as they taste better than the Spray or Dropper – which both contain alcohol.


  • Cons: The only disadvantage of the Pastilles is that they take slightly longer to work compared to the Dropper or Spray – but, this is to be expected, as the Pastilles are solid, whilst the Dropper and Spray contain liquid – which is much easier for your body to break down. 


4. Rescue Pearls


  • My Rating: 9.5/10 Rescue Pearls


  • Pros: The Rescue Pearls are small capsules which simply melt after you place one on your tongue. I personally have not tried the Pearls, but they seem like a really great product as they are alcohol free, natural and non-habit forming (they are not addictive). I think these sound amazing, as they seem very quick and easy to consume, whilst still being alcohol free. 


  • Cons: These do have some extra ingredients – which are all still natural but are important to note – as they contain coconut oil which some people may be allergic to, whilst the capsule shell itself contains fish gelatin – which may make it unsuitable for you if you are a vegan or vegetarian. 



5. Rescue Gum


  • My Rating: 9.5/10 Rescue Gum


  • Pros: The Rescue Chewing Gum has a spearmint liquid centre containing 4 drops of the 5 Flower Remedy combination found in other Rescue Remedy products. I love the Gum as it tastes really great and the spearmint flavour lasts a long time. This is really easy to carry around with you from day to day, has a great refreshing taste and really helps you stay calm. 


  • Cons: I personally can’t really find any flaws with this product, it isn’t even bad for your teeth – it contains xylitol – a naturally occurring sweetener, which actually helps keep a neutral pH in your mouth and prevents bacteria from sticking to your teeth. 



My Final Verdict


  • Rescue Remedy is a really great natural, herbal remedy for anxiety and panic which helps you to stay calm, focused and relieve anxiety/stress. 


  • Depending on your needs and preferences some of the above Rescue Remedy products may be more suited to you than others – Rescue Remedy also has other products such as Rescue Remedy Cream and Rescue Remedy Sleep (to aid with insomnia and difficulty sleeping). 


  • From researching the brand of Rescue Remedy it seems very formidable and trustworthy – to back this up, Bach Flower has been a trusted brand for 80 years. Also, Rescue Remedy has been used by several celebrities such as Emma Watson, Jennifer Anniston and Cate Blanchett. 


Rescue Remedy is a very successful range of products which offer many different varietiesit even has a range for pets!

I hope you have enjoyed this review of the Rescue Remedy range – if you want to share your own personal experiences with Rescue Remedy products or if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

If you struggle with anxiety, panic or anxious feelings in general, I highly recommend Rescue Remedy – if you want to try it, Amazon always has great prices – you can view the latest prices from the UK and US Amazon below for some of the products. 



2 thoughts on “Does Rescue Remedy Really Work? – Bach Rescue Remedy Review

  1. Hi there, firstly your website is great! Its a topic that is close to my heart as an anxiety sufferer for many years. I pretty much read everything on the subject but there were a few extra gems in this article which I found of great help. I am thinking about getting one of the products you recommended above also as I have been considering buying one for some time. Anyway I just wanted to say that this is a very helpful website and I wish you all the best!

    1. Hi,

      Thank you so much for commenting, I’m so glad you love the website and this review in particular. If you are considering buying a product to aid you in reducing your anxiety/stress, Rescue Remedy definitely have a great range. There are some crazy products out there that claim to reduce/help anxiety which actually have no effect, so I’m glad you found this review helpful.

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