How to Overcome Astraphobia (Fear of Thunder and Lightning)

How to Overcome Astraphobia (Fear of Thunder and Lightning)


Lightning Strike


Astraphobia is when you have an irrational fear of thunder and/or lightning

A phobia can be caused by a particular experience or situation where you are faced with your fear. Due to this initial reaction – the second time you face your fear, you may experience the same irrational feelings of terror – if this forms a pattern it is a phobia.


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The key to getting over or overcoming a phobia is to face it, otherwise it may get worse over time. People usually deal with phobias by avoiding them but this can prevent you from doing certain activities which you may want to do and from living your life in general.

One of the best treatments for phobias is exposure therapy, which you can easily do yourself through self-help.


Thunder and Lightning


Self-Help for Astraphobia (Fear of Thunder and Lightning)


Facing your fear of thunder and lightning is key to conquering it.


You can help yourself through exposure therapy – but make sure to begin with something you can cope with/handle – exposure therapy may not work if you start with something too scary.


Follow my step-by-step approach for Astraphobia below:


  • Step 1: Look up information about thunder and lightning – accidents relating to lightning strikes are very rare. Knowing more about thunderstorms and why they occur, can help you to understand them and hopefully help you get over your fear.


  • Step 2: Watch some videos of thunderstorms – this will help you to become more familiar with the sounds of thunder and bright flashes of lightning through exposure therapy. This way, when you experience it in person, it may not be as bad. 


  • Step 3: Do something to distract yourself – you could listen to music or close the blinds and/or curtains in your home.


  • Step 4: When a thunderstorm occurs, try to relax by focusing on your breathing – remind yourself that you are safe. Remember that even though thunderstorms sound scary, thunder cannot do anything to hurt you and lightning strikes are very rare


If these steps don’t work for you, or if they are not specific enough for you, make your own step-by-step approach – if you need any help, please feel free to leave a comment below. 



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