Silhouettes of People doing Different Types of Exercise


I never knew anxiety could be managed through exercise until I started exercising.


Now exercise is one of the main ways I manage my anxiety.


Exercising changed my life 


At one point in my life I was completely depressed, wallowing in my anxieties, worries and depressed thoughts – then one day I just got fed up of it, and got up, put on my headphones and just started dancing around the house. It seems really silly, but it worked! Suddenly I was laughing, dancing all around the room and I felt great – I haven’t stopped dancing since, and I have also begun doing other exercises.

Photo of a Gym


Exercise releases feel-good chemicals (neurotransmitters and endorphins) in the brain.


These can help to ease and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression – these feelings can last for hours. Exercise makes me feel more confident, so this is another way it helps me with my anxiety – this may work for you too. Exercising regularly is healthy – so overall you will feel better, which will improve your mood and general feeling of wellness. 


Yoga Hall


There are so many websites out there that say they have ‘the best exercises for anxiety, stress and depression’


I don’t believe that this can be true – I think anxiety is different for everyone – so everyone needs to find their own way of managing it.


Here within this Exercise page, I will post different exercise techniques – do whatever works for you – whether it’s running, yoga, dancing, cardio, jogging, walking – anything! 


It doesn’t need to be about losing weight or becoming fitter, if it makes you feel good – do it.