What is Anxiety?


  • Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, unease or trepidation about an issue or a situation with an uncertain outcome.
  • Anxiety can be caused by any situation in life that makes your feel anxious, panicked or scared.
  • Anxiety can be either mild or severe.
  • Your feelings of anxiety can last until the situation that is making you anxious is over, or long after this situation has occurred.


This picture shown below, is a word cloud showing words related to anxiety, which may be related to why you are feeling anxious. For example, you may feel anxious if you feel like you cannot do something (Inability) – this could make you feel embarrassed, scared or uncertain etc – this is anxiety.

Anxiety Cloud


Anxiety is different for everyone – there is no right or wrong type of feeling when it comes to anxiety, it is not black or white.

Feelings of anxiety can last for any amount of time and can be caused by any reason or situation – depending on what makes you feel anxious and what triggers your anxiety.

Within this page, I will post information on dealing with anxiety in different situations and different types of anxiety.