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When you have a bereavement, go through a divorce, lose your job, a long-term relationship ends – it is normal to feel sad and a bit depressed. Clinical depression (also known simply as depression) is when you feel persistently sad and are in a low mood for long periods of time.


Depression is an illness and is a life-long battle for some sufferers.


Dark Water


Sometimes when people are depressed, they have no idea.


When I am depressed, I usually have no idea until I do something that brings me out of it. For example, if I haven’t listened to music for a couple of weeks and then one day listen to a playlist of upbeat songs that make me feel good, I feel like I’m literally waking up. I found the fact that I could be depressed for weeks/months and not even notice, really scary. So I decided to try to make myself happier in general so that hopefully I could manage it on my own, without medication. Through a combination of exercising, changing my diet and changing my life goals to things I actually want – not things that I felt like I had to do, I am now much happier. I also use music to help change my mood, to help manage my depression.


Causes of depression vary widely for each person.


Sometimes with depression you can get really low and depressed for no apparent reason sometimes. Depression affects people in different ways, but when you are depressed for no apparent reason, it can be really frustrating – how do you manage it if you have no idea when it will surface? In the Self-Help section of this website, there are many ways you can attempt to manage your depression. I hope you can find some that can work for you.

Depression can cause a wide variety of symptoms, some of which I have listed below.


Physical Symptoms 

  • Sleep: difficulty sleeping, sleeping in, or waking up early in the morning are all symptoms of depression.
  • Brain Fog: difficulty remembering things, concentrating and not being able to think clearly.
  • Aches and pains that cannot be explained.
  • Sluggish movements
  • No Libido: lack of interest in sex
  • Social: avoiding friends and family, neglecting hobbies, interests and work, not enjoying social events.
  • Eating: a change in your eating habits, such as your appetite and weight.
  • Increased use of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes.


Mental Symptoms

  • Feelings of anxiety 
  • Feeling sad, upset, constantly in a low mood 
  • Irritability 
  • Low self-worth: Low self-esteem, not feeling good enough, low confidence, feeling helpless or hopeless – like you can’t do anything to change your situation
  • Suicidal Thoughts



If you are feeling like suicide is the only option you have left – please ask someone for help – although you may feel like it – you are not alone.

Call the Samaritans on 116 123 to talk – it is free to call

If you think you may want to act on your thoughts please call emergency services.